Vaccination in the US

Why you should get vaccinated asap

  • Her friend’s 96-yr-old grandfather tested positive for Covid. He got the first dose of Covishield but started showing symptoms of Covid a couple of days before his second vaccine dose was due. His family was very worried about him, but even 10 days after the onset of symptoms he had avoided being admitted to the hospital. He had no fever and his symptoms were really no worse than a bad cold. If not for his age, they probably wouldn’t have worried about it.
  • A couple, aged 35 and 39 respectively, who are her colleagues, were both ineligible for vaccination. They both caught Covid and are in the hospital on oxygen. No idea yet what will happen to them.



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Shamir Karkal

Co-founder and CEO of @SilaMoney. Co-founder of @simple. Investor in @realty_mogul, @earnup, @transferwise and others.